Working on my writing skills

I decided that I want to work on improving my currently non existent writing skills. I asked for advice on how to become a better writer and the consensus was that I should blog. Okay. What better way to become a better writer than by doing it. I am not sure exactly what to write about so the topics will vary. Design will probably come up often since I am a Web Designer.

Another step I am taking to improve my writing skills is reading the book Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott. I learned about this book from reading Jason Santa Maria’s blog. I just stared reading the book so I can’t tell you if it is any good yet. I can only assume that it will be awesome since Jason Santa Maria recommended it.

Please feel free to share writing advice with me and to critique what I post up here. I promise I can take whatever you throw at me. You will not hurt my feelings. If nobody tells me I suck than I will not know that I suck or why I suck. The sucking will only continue.


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